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Do not put us where we do not belong

A consultant who is not only dedicated to the expansion

We are your strategic partner for the development of a franchise at all stages of your growth and maturity.

Not just a simple national or international broker

We are experienced advisors in structuring your business expansion. You must do your expansion!.

A 360º franchise consultant (complete)

We support the franchisor in all areas of his business, not only in the expansion.

A national consultant with international contacts

We are your gateway to international markets in Europe, MENA and Asia (FPI) and EEUU (IFA)

A consulting firm that values its customers

We are who works with you because you want to and because we want as well.

A different strategy consulting

We are your franchise consultant, your strategic partner, who will be with you whenever you want and need. (24/7) (24/7)


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We are professionals and individuals.

Josan Garcia

Josan García

"Running a franchise is like playing the drums, everything must be synchronized"

pere xargayo

Pere Xargayó

"The numbers have to look at them, look at them and look at them again

neus mateu

Neus Mateu

"Details make the difference between good and excellent"

xavier grau

Xavier Grau

"The best ideas in my life, they have occurred to me under a shower"

What do you need?

Our history guarantees that we can serve emerging, mature franchisors and experts in all areas of its operations.


Frankizia National

A franchise does not only live by expansion, but the relationship with franchisees, communication, monitoring of operations, franchisees councils, their satisfaction, conflict ...

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Frankizia International

Our extensive experience and network of international contacts guarantees a good take-off and / or consolidation. We have a guide for you in each country. As much as you know, there's always more. We have a guide for you in each country. As much as you know, there is always more.

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Josan Tips

josan tips 01

Is your candidate a franchisee?

The recent crisis begins to push people who had never thought of undertaking to position themselves as candidates for franchisees. Reality crushes and there are many people ... Reality crushes and there are many people ...

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josan tips 02

Manage Franchise chain

Surprisingly in the life of some franchise for a while nothing happens. I say surprisingly because I mean those who despite not having a structure ...

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josan tips 03

Drivers License Franchise

If you need a license to drive a car, why you not need a license to run a business? What if a company is misdirected? How many people can do harm?

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Where there are changes should be training. Dynamic training in skills and competencies.


Rotterdam April 2016