National expansion

Grow healthy, grow well.



Not all candidates are equal. If you could choose your new franchisee candidates would like to be like their best franchisees, our exclusive program "Franchise profile", unique in Spain allows this management. Ask us how.


Are you sure you call your messages attract the candidates you need? Are you sure you generate the expectation according to what you will give as franchisor? We help make it so.

Lead Generation

Do you know the conversion rates franchisee candidate depending on the source contact? Do you know your best sources of contacts and how to empower them to improve their conversion results? Ask us how


Candidates have a process of reflection that must be respected. Franchise must also have an optimal recruitment process in order to let know each candidate what will happen at each step of the process and know that he will not be pressed. Our "Tracking Franchisee" program is going to help improve your treatment and your chances of closing. Ask us more.


Network management

The power of internal communication

comunicacion frankizia

Programs network communication

If your communication is based on the email you have a problem. Discover the world of possibilities that have to communicate better with your franchised network.

consejo franquiciados

Creation of the Council of franchisees

A great alternative to bi-directional communication for franchisors who want to hear from their more experienced franchisees. Learn the rules of this game.


Relationship programs Franchisees

Franchise is based on the established relationship with franchisees, learn, how, when, what and why they are part of our program of relationship with franchisees.