June 2018

Completion of legal advice for the expansion of Mr Pretzels in Spain

March 2018

Kids & Us Convention Participation e-factor / engagement Presentation…

February 2018

IFA Convention 2018 Phoenix Arizona (USA) TUTOR DOCTOR contract renewal for…

January 2018

We have closed well! Amazing Jewelry closing operation for Spain Council of…

May 2018

Franchisees Council Kids &Us PERSONAL 20 Discovery Day

April 2018

Master Franchise Conference FPI Nápoles Agreement with Etalentum for…

August 2018

Gravity Discovery day in London Expansion agreement in Spain of School of…

September 2018

Training for the eCooltra Staff about the stages of franchising life

July 2018

Discovery Day Ecooltra (Netherlands, United Kingdom, Israel and Romania)

October 2018

Master Franchise Conference / forum FPI Bucarest Attendance the event…