Coerced Earliest Gender and you can Sexual Risk Decisions

Twenty-five percent away from single women that claimed coerced very first sex got made use of a beneficial condom at last sex, weighed against 62% of these who claimed zero coercion at the time

Dining table step one examines new relationships anywhere between coerced earliest sex and current birth-control have fun with, pregnancy and unintended pregnancy, full and also by ong all the respondents, people that said coerced first intercourse was much less probably than just people that didn’t to get currently having fun with contraceptives (18% versus. 34%). Even if an identical pattern checked certainly one another already married and unmarried young women, the real difference is mathematically significant only among the latter subgroup (30% versus. 50%).

A dramatically high percentage of women who have been coerced to your earliest gender than of those who had not already been coerced stated which have ever before become expecting (81% against. 65%). This distinction was also extreme certainly one of unong hitched people, many who got experienced one pregnancy.

To measure unintended pregnancy, ever-expectant mothers had been asked in order to recall whether their most recent or very latest pregnancy was actually desired after that, desired after or undesirable. Among previously-expecting young women, a substantially high percentage of people that stated coerced earliest sex than of them which don’t indicated that its latest otherwise newest pregnancy had been unintended (52% versus. 37%). This differential are regarding borderline significance one of already married ladies (45% against. 29%, p=.069), and you may was not mathematically extreme one of solitary women.

Then investigation indicated that certainly most of the ever-pregnant participants, one another unwelcome and you may mistimed pregnancies was basically more prevalent certainly ladies who had been coerced than among those who’d perhaps not (15% vs. 6% and 36% vs. 31%, respectively; investigation not revealed).

Table dos reveals withdrawals of married and you will single girls of the around three indicators regarding sexual risk conclusion-claimed cumulative level of sexual people, condom have fun with for a change intercourse as well as the feel away from condom play with over the last half a year-based on experience of coerced earliest gender. Total, a modest but factor inside the cumulative quantity of lovers was obvious anywhere between respondents who had been coerced and those who got not: Young women whoever first intercourse was coerced have been much more almost certainly as opposed to those who’d maybe not come coerced to declaration having got 2 or more intimate couples (66% compared to. 51%). That it improvement is from borderline statistical value one of each other hitched and you may single participants.

A serious relationship are evident anywhere between coerced basic gender and you can condom play with at last intercourse: Respondents whom advertised coerced earliest sex had been not as likely compared to those who failed to to declare that they’d utilized a condom for a change intercourse (13% against. 33%). Young women which claimed coerced very first gender was plus not likely than many other respondents in order to claim that they’d always used condoms along with intimate people about before half a year (7% versus. 25%), and you can was prone to claim that that they had never put condoms (75% compared to. 59%) in those days. Each other connections was in fact mathematically significant.

Stratification because of the relationship reputation revealed jdate that the new relationships between coerced basic gender and you can one another tips off condom use remained tall only certainly one of single females. Whenever inquired about condom play with in the last half a year, 16% of women who had been coerced had constantly made use of them, 30% got utilized them possibly and you will 54% had never utilized them. Among women who had not been coerced, those people dimensions have been 50%, 20% and you can 31%. Condom explore certainly one of partnered ladies try most lower in one another coercion groups.

Coerced Very first Intercourse and Genital Tract Periods

Total, the ratio regarding teenage women who said one or more genital tract danger sign is actually doubly highest one particular who’d educated coerced basic gender as the some of those hadn’t (42% versus. 21%), a mathematically significant difference (Desk 3, webpage 159). Additionally, the latest prevalence regarding specific episodes was consistently higher certainly young women whoever earliest gender is coerced than simply certainly other participants (2-19% vs. 1-10%); differences when considering both organizations had been statistically high to own down abdominal discomfort, genital itching or offensive smell, and you will vaginal ulcers. The ratio regarding married respondents which stated one or more genital danger signal try rather highest one of ladies whoever first gender had already been coerced than just yet others (44% versus. 28%). It matchmaking happened to be stronger certainly one of single respondents (41% compared to. 13%).